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Our Sustainability Works

22 / 02 / 2023Büke Şedele

Season Artisan Bakery has made it its duty to work with the utmost care, in every detail that shapes its daily operation, to the neighborhood it is in, the nature it is a part of, and the possibilities.

First of all, we include manufacturers and intermediaries that respect this principle in our supplier selections. For example, we use roaming chicken eggs in all of our products and support the efforts of Cage-Free Turkey. We develop products that use plenty of heirloom, and we procure these raw materials from boutique suppliers.

French Patisserie products always aim for perfection, for this reason, many intermediate products such as cake pieces, corner pieces of crusty layers are separated and unfortunately cannot be used in the final product. We evaluate all these pieces either by transforming them into edible decors or by creating new recipes where they can be used. We develop buns such as Cinnamon Twist, Chocolate Babka and Olive Old Cheddar Twist with leftovers from our croissant dough, and we don't waste any ingredients.

We always aim at zero at the end of the day, produce products according to demand, and deliver unsold items to neighbors and those in need. We ask our customers to consume as little packaging as possible and to return their clean and reusable bags and boxes to us.

In addition, we preserve the peels of all fruits in our fresh drinks, which are all prepared on site, and add them to herbal teas or granolas by drying them in our dehydrator without high heat treatment and thus preserving their nutritional value.

It is our duty to remove the word sustainability from being a myth and a fancy marketing method. It is definitely possible to build a better future with the systematic care of each actor and stakeholder, from the businesses to the working principles of the suppliers, from the consumption and packaging usage preferences of our customers to the care of our production team.

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